May 30 2014

Far Away Video

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May 01 2014

Summer of 2014

Next summer’s itinerary is starting to take form. There are some new places on the itinerary and it actually took some effort to find them all on the map. Or maybe the map is to blame, looks like Olaus might have left out some crossroads (not to mention whole lakes)…

Tour 2014

The stops along the way are:

Saturday 14.6. Kotka in the aptly named tavern Kapakka. We’ve visited Kotka before but never during the summer, so looking forward to that.

Sunday 15.6. Pyhtää, Kesä-Heikki Medieval Fair. “Enjoy of the wonderful performances, good food, the goods of the most reputable merchants, valiant knights, fair ladies and the wonderful atmosphere that takes you back in time.”

Tiistai 29.7. Tampere, Laikunlava. Evening for Old Music, with Muskotti and the dancers of Saltatores Tavastenses.

2.-3.8. Kouvola, Kouvo La Arctopolis. Medieval market spiced up with some serious piping from Finntroll, Kivimetsän Druidi, The Sandsacks, and Barbarian Pipe Band.

Lauantai 9.8. Tampere, Tallipiha. A little fair thrown together by us goes under the name of Medieval Folk Fest. Other performers include our old friends Isara, and the lovely ladies of Räikkä all the way from Åbo.

15.-17.8. Hämeenlinna, Häme Medieval Faire will always have a special place in our haearts. This will be the fifth one in a row for us and they say this year the theme is food and drink, so bring it on!

13.9. Kemiö, Keskiaikaiset saaristolaismarkkinat. Medieval fair in the archipelago promises magic, vikings, knights, ships, music and dance.

See you on the road!

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Mar 17 2014

Yo-talo live video

In February we had a magical night at Yo-talo at Tampere with Sorrowhearts and fakir Tapanainen. Here is a small peace of that evening:

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Feb 10 2014

Irish Weekend in Kotka

Next weekend we’ll roll again into the port city of Kotka to spice up the Irish Weekend at Pub Jaakko V. The show is on both Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. on. Welcome welcome!

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Jan 24 2014

Magical Folk Rock Night at Yo-talo, Tampere

Jari TapanainenThe people of Tampere are in for a treat on Wednesday 5th February. The local celtic folk rock troupes Greenrose Faire and Sorrowhearts join with fakir Jari Tapanainen for a night to remember.

Fakir, escape artist and sword swallower Jari Tapanainen brings sense of danger and adventure. For over ten years, Tapanainen has been touring Finland as an escape artist, a fakir and a sword swallower. Jari has become famous among the Finns after numerous spectacular escape performances, not only on the ground but also in the elements of air and water. In addition, his demanding and dangerous acts have been praised by performance artists from all over the world.

Sorrowhearts opens the evening’s musical menu. The band, working now on their third album, offers an engaging combination of straight rock and Irish shenanigans.

Hosting the evening, Greenrose Faire promises to offer the finest tunes out of their latest album “My Home Is Where My Heart Is” as well as some new material.

A limited number of advance tickets are available at the Shoppe.

Yo-talo advance ticket

20:00 Sorrowhearts
21:00 Jari Tapanainen – Fakir & escape artist
21:30 Greenrose Faire

Tickets 8 e in advance, or 10 e at doors.
Doors open at 19:00. Welcome!

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Dec 03 2013

December Sale

The year is nearing its end and we are having a little clearing sale in our Shoppe. Now you can also get the new album “My Home Is Where My Heart Is” from our shoppe, as well as tickets for our special February show at Tampere Yo-talo.

Also, all deliveries are free worldwide for whole December.

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Nov 20 2013

“My Home” reviews

Some album reviews have come in, thanks very much!

…one of the most wonderful folk albums I have heard in many years.
Kev Rowland, / Amplified 15.11.2013

Très bon album, frais et varié dans ses ambiances, de la part de GREENROSE FAIRE.
Nawak Posse 5.10.2013

All the songs on My Home Is Where My Heart Is are ditty-esque bouncy affairs, effortlessly transporting the listener to another time and place, where merriment was as abundant as ale, and perfectly roasted legs of lamb were swung in the air to the rousing beat of drunken singing.
Sea of Tranquility 30.11.2013

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Aug 28 2013

My Home Is Where My Heart Is video

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Aug 20 2013

Album release party at Häme Medieval Fair 2013

What a weekend! The medieval times at Häme Castle are over, and the new album was published and properly celebrated. It seems the record played in quite a many cars on their way home.

Thanks once again to the crowd at all four shows, as well as the friends and strangers who turned up at our stall for a chat or even to do some shopping. Thanks belong also to the “mixed folks” who borrowed their campsite for our video shooting, to the fellow musicians and performers at the fair, and, above all, the event organizers. Great event, hoping to make it again next year.

Next weekend we head towards the Wuosisatamarkkinat at Vihti, see you there!

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Jul 18 2013

My Home Is Where My Heart Is – Single is out!

Finnish folk rock band Greenrose Faire will release their new full-length album called My Home Is Where My Heart Is at Häme Medieval Fair on 16th August 2013. The fresh album contains 11 songs that take the listener on a journey through the stormy mountains, flowing rivers and green valleys.

Bubbling with celtic and medieval influences, Greenrose Faire published their previous album Neverending Journey in 2011. The single from the upcoming album is the title track, My Home Is Where My Heart Is, and it can be heard now! Legendary British producer Stuart Epps (worked with e.g. Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Robbie Williams) mixed two of the songs that ended up on the album, including the single and also the opening track, The Storm.

Using various instruments, the skillfully built sound-scape opens the doors into the past with style and a twist. My Home Is Where My Heart Is is a magical, engrossing and atmospheric experience, bringing new life to the genre.

The album is published by Secret Entertainment. It is now available for pre-order at Recordshop X.

The digital single is available at least on:
Amazon, and

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