Apr 01 2015

Feed the Flames will be out on 29th May 2015

Feed the Flames banner

Our third full-length album “Feed the Flames” will be released on May 29th. The release party will be on the next day the 30th at O’Hara’s Freehouse, Tampere. More info on the summer’s gigs and line-up forthcoming…

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Jan 14 2015

Surprise number from Yo-talo

Thanks everyone for the other night at Yo-talo! We had the double delight of the merry men from Isara joining us on stage for a couple of songs. Here’s one:

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Dec 04 2014

Celtic night at Yo-talo, Tampere on 9th January 2015

Yo-talo 9.1.2015

Next year starts with stomp on Friday the 9th at Yo-talo, Tampere. We play a show with the merry kilted men of Isara, and it is always a blast!

So just be sure to be there!

Please note that showtime has been postponed to 23 o’clock. Advance tickets from Yo-talo‘s pages.

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Nov 07 2014

Feed the Flames – studio tidings

The recordings of the new musical round flat thingy are well over halfway, and we have reached the part where we start recording lead vocals. They sure make the songs spring into life.:

Update: the pre-order campaign is now over, but we will still update the campaign pages until the album release at http://igg.me/at/feed-the-flames/

Pps. The first snow of the winter just fell last night here in Tampere.

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Sep 11 2014

Feed the Flames pre-order

Feed the Flames

Greenrose Faire’s third album will be called “Feed the Flames” and is to be released for Summer 2015. Hurrah for that!

Now that the most difficult part of this quest is over (i.e. the deciding on the name), we will try a cozy little pre-order campaign through IndieGoGo crowdfunding thingie: http://igg.me/at/feed-the-flames/

Fear not, we will finish the album on time without one extra penny. We already have a pretty good idea of how long it takes and where to “find” the money for it. But there are many chores that we could either do ourselves, or pay for a professional to do them better. This pre-order money will be spent on such extra finish, and the more the better!

The campaign page lists several pre-order packages ranging from mundane to kingly. There are your basic digital downloads, T-shirts and CDs with or without band autographs. But there’s also the chance to appear on the cover in the artwork created by our court painter Vablo.

Next weekend is still fun and games at Kemiö island medieval market, but after that it’s all toil and trouble with the album recording…

Update: we’ve dropped a couple of updates on the campaign page, and will continue to do so until the album is ready

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Sep 02 2014

Welcome Hanna!

We are privileged to announce that Hanna Heinonen has joined us on the violin. The first show with this gang is already coming up at the medieval market at Kemiö island on Sept 13th. See you there!

kuva: Pauli Borodulin

photo: Pauli Borodulin

As an interesting aside, once upon a time when the band was very young, we went to see a friend’s band who had such an awesome violinist that we decided right away that we need to have a violin player too. The band was Lemuria and the violin player on the stage was none other than Hanna, which goes to show how things sometimes work out just fine.

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Aug 18 2014

Market greetings

What a weekend at Häme Medieval Fair! Four great gigs, thanks to the incredible audiences! Thanks also to the other musicians, the lovely saleswomen at our booth (and let’s not forget Räikkä’s human pyramid either), to the sound and light wizards, and especially to the organizers for once again delivering this grand faire!

Photo: Pauli Borodulin

Photo: Pauli Borodulin

For all the wonderful atmosphere, there was also bit of sadness in the air as Sunday was Anni’s final show with us (for the time being at least). We would like here to thank Ann for these amazing gigs and an incredible year and a half past! Fare thee well in the future!

Also some other well-kept secrets may have slipped during the market, but let’s discuss those in detail these coming weeks.

Our next destinateion is the isle of Kemiö where a medieval market is held on Saturday 13th September, where we will play two shows with our new mystery member. If you find yourself nearby, the be welcome to Keskiaikaiset saaristolaismarkkinat!

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Aug 11 2014

Häme Medieval Faire 2014

Häme Medieval Faire 2014

Last weekend’s fiesta is barely over when the journey continues towards Häme Medieval Faire. On second thought, we should have arranged some sort of wagon pool from Stable yards, as we share the ride with the bards of Isara and Räikkä.

Other old and new acuitances making noise at the market include the Finnish folk legend Värttinä as well as Obscurus Orbis, Ancient Bear Cult, Härkätien Leikarit, Armas Jatuli and Rower.

The market’s theme this year is food and drink (not that there has been a shortage of those these past years) so the weekend at the fairground is guaranteed to leave you with full belly and empty purse. Again. The programme also includes Rohan’s horse tournament, Faravid’s wolves, assorted medieval machines of war, medieval Italian theater, mystics, sword swallowing, ventriloguism, et ceterum.

Greenrose Faire performances this year are as follows:

  • on Friday at Sinner’s Night at around 9 pm
  • on Saturday on the main stage at 5 pm, and after nightfall in the Night Feast
  • on Sunday on the main stage at 2 pm

See you there!


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Jul 30 2014

Kouvo La Arctopolis

Next weekend all the people shall gather to Kouvola to celebrate the medieval markets at Kouvo La Arctopolis with fighting, jousting, music and suchlike.

There’s a good foreign representation with bards from Germany (The Sandsacks) as well as Italy (Barbarian Pipe Band). To top everything off, the “Troll’s night” on Saturday offers some mighty serious (and loud) fiddling from Finntroll and Kivimetsän Druidi.

Yours truly shall play both Saturday and Sunday at the Regiment park stage at 3 o’clock and 8 o’clock sharp. Will be hanging around at our own stall otherwise. See you all there!


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Jul 22 2014

Laikunlava gig on 29 Jul 2014

Wanhan musiikin ilta

City of Tampere organises a series of “Park concerts“, and on Tuesday 29th July the theme is old-timey music. The first performer is a local early music ensemble Muskotti who have teamed up with the medieval dancers of Saltatores Tavastenses.

At seven o clock it is time for Greenrose Faire’s first song called “The Storm”. (We already had to stop playing “Raindrops” at outdoor gigs because it often started to rain during the song, so let’s see how mother nature takes this choice of starting song…)

Puistokonsertti: Wanhan musiikin ilta. Laikunlava, Tampere 29.8.2014

18:00 Muskotti and Saltatores Tavastenses
19:00 Greenrose Faire

Free entry. All welcome!

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