August 2011 archive

Back from the medieval fair

The magnificent medieval fair at Häme castle spelled the end of the summer season, and the time machine has started ticking towards the twenty-first century once again. Fortunately, August put on her prettiest face for the weekend and the festivities in Hämeenlinna were not lacking in food, drink or singing.

The band wishes to thank the audiences of all the four shows. We have rarely had as loud and enthusiastic audience as that of Hurttala elementary school, and at least the autograph line was the longest yet.

The gigs on the fair grounds were also quite special, and the audiences in Häme surely are not slow at all and gave their boot-heels a proper kicking about!

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Here’s a shirt for you

The new T-shirts have arrived and are available in the Shop, or from instance the Häme medieval fair this weekend.

The shirts are natural coloured cotton, and the lady fit model is organic cotton.

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