Salla Rimmi – Lead vocaling and dancing.

The bright-voiced front-woman of the band. This music professional and singing coach has experience in lead vocals, harmonies, choirs, country, rock, pop… You name it, she has sung it! She has been the voice of the band on all the full-length albums released so far. With her sound Salla combines the melodies of the songs together and if you close your eyes you can even hear the laughter of maidens in their castles. ”What Greenrose Faire is to me, is great songs and top notch fellows performing them.”

Hanna Heinonen – Violining and swaying.

The virtuoso of the four thinnest strings of the band. Hanna has classical background in violin and she’s been around the block with many bands. Among playing she has also done work as music therapist. Hanna took over the violin duties on a third album but all the band members were already known to her before. On the gigs you will definitely immerse yourself into her hypnotic playing and wild soloing. ”Music and the guys are awesome, and for me there is now enough challenge in playing, so that makes it intriguing”

Niilo Sirola – Bouzouki picking and backing yelling.

The handyman behind the scenes and co-founder of GrF. He can master the different playing styles from hard rock to Irish tunes, and his instruments vary occasionally from mandolin to tin whistle. On live gigs this guitarist surrogate will handle comping and harmonics with his tool of the trade. Also Niilo’s productional values are in essence on how Greenrose Faire sounds on a record. “Yes, I do a lot of work for the band but I don’t mind. To put it simple, I just love this whole thing so much.”

Petri Hannuksela – Keyboarding and clapping.

Fast fingered keyboard wizard. His playing consists of sonic wall in the background and airy melodies and solos. He can even play the Indian travel harmonium. Petri and Niilo were in the same band already earlier and from there it was natural to join the Greenrose Faire caravan right from the beginning of the journey. ”I found keyboards at young age when I saw a live gig by HIM on TV and here we are now. It’s always a pleasure to play in front of audience.”

Mikko Kaipainen – Bass wizardry and backing shouts.

The strengths of this bass artist are, in fact, carrying heavy things and starting campfires. Mikko’s hobbies also include waking up early before even the little birds to practice his playing. His musical background varies from heavy metal to folk music and rockabilly. Mikko could be described as a rock-loaded bass player. “Greenrose Faire is a family where you can play joyful music in good company.”

Tomi Hyttinen – Drummering, percussioning and backing singing.

The founder and the soul of Greenrose Faire. His background in music goes all the way back to eyeliner bands until he heard a calling in his blood for folk rock music. Tomi has the main song writing responsibility and when playing live you can hear the thunder in distance and rain drops falling from the sky, and suddenly you’re in the middle of brisk polka beat. ”The best thing I know is to tour around the province and play for the folk. A pillow and a blanket is all you need for the night, and the morning after it’s time to go again.”

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