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Happy new year!

The year and the decade is drawing near, and we’d like to thank everyone for the good times! Here’s a little video with some backstage moments, accompanied by our this year’s intro tape. Happy new year and catch you again soon!

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Behind the scenes

While we’re busy working with our fifth album, here’s a mini-documentary on the making of the title track of our third album as well as its music video that premiered exactly three years ago. Enjoy!

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Thank you!

Warm thanks for the exceptional night at Hällä stage! The 10th anniversary celebration certainly is a night to remember. Here’s some moving pictures from that evening:

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Elfia Haarzuilens 2016

This weekend you can find us once again in The Netherlands at the Elfia fantasy fair held around Haarzuilens Castle,

We play on the main stage on Saturday at 16:45 ja Sunday at 15:15. Also look us up after the show at our CD booth. Welcome!

Update (wow!):

Kingdom of Elfia

The web radio CeltCast will be recording the performances and will broadcast them in the near future. They have also published a travel journal of our last September’s forays in Elfia’s last installment:

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This year has been quite an incredible ride and this new video featuring some of the most memorable gigs. Greetings and thanks to both old friends and new acquaintances we made along the way!

Take a look also at Wyldwood Radio, where we are the featured band this week.

You can also hear us (and a lots of banter in Dutch) on the Goed Folk podcast in a couple of installations.

An of course, there are a lot of action and some surprises left for next year as well, so see you there!

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Happy first anniversary CeltCast

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of the online community (and) radio station CeltCast.

The station was founded by a couple of guys who fell in love with Celtic and folk music and the scene around it, to “songs to that show us the beauty of nature, that take us back through time or through rough times in the present”, and decided it was time to give something back to the community. Based in The Netherlands, CeltCast plays just 100% Real Music around the clock, without ads or banners or commercials, seemingly fueled by just the power of music.

Not just a radio stream, CeltCast is also about bringing together bands and the listeners of this wonderful type of music, with album reviews and give-aways, festival reports, and anything they can thing of to spread the music to the world.

So greetings from Finland and have a merry one!

And you, what are you still doing here reading a blog post? Give it a listen! At! Hup! There is going to be some kind of special broadcast today at 18:00 CET (see their Facebook event)

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Surprise number from Yo-talo

Thanks everyone for the other night at Yo-talo! We had the double delight of the merry men from Isara joining us on stage for a couple of songs. Here’s one:

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Feed the Flames – studio tidings

The recordings of the new musical round flat thingy are well over halfway, and we have reached the part where we start recording lead vocals. They sure make the songs spring into life.:

Update: the pre-order campaign is now over, but we will still update the campaign pages until the album release at

Pps. The first snow of the winter just fell last night here in Tampere.

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Market greetings

What a weekend at Häme Medieval Fair! Four great gigs, thanks to the incredible audiences! Thanks also to the other musicians, the lovely saleswomen at our booth (and let’s not forget Räikkä’s human pyramid either), to the sound and light wizards, and especially to the organizers for once again delivering this grand faire!

Photo: Pauli Borodulin

Photo: Pauli Borodulin

For all the wonderful atmosphere, there was also bit of sadness in the air as Sunday was Anni’s final show with us (for the time being at least). We would like here to thank Ann for these amazing gigs and an incredible year and a half past! Fare thee well in the future!

Also some other well-kept secrets may have slipped during the market, but let’s discuss those in detail these coming weeks.

Our next destinateion is the isle of Kemiö where a medieval market is held on Saturday 13th September, where we will play two shows with our new mystery member. If you find yourself nearby, the be welcome to Keskiaikaiset saaristolaismarkkinat!

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Yo-talo live video

In February we had a magical night at Yo-talo at Tampere with Sorrowhearts and fakir Tapanainen. Here is a small piece of that evening:

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