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Videos from Häme Festival

This festival summer was over even faster than usual, so we can already start looking back to it. The Häme Medieval Festival was a big bright spot in an otherwise gloomy summer, and we lived every moment of it to the full. We will be releasing live videos of our evening show during the autumn, and here’s the first one:

And as a bonus, here’s a small road movie of the trip (be sure to enable the closed caption in English if your Finnish is not so fluent)

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Summer of 2020

This summer, there haven’t been that many chances to take our instruments out, let alone our new lineup or new songs. Fortunately come August, things start happening again! See you at the shows!

Find the details of the gigs in our Live calendar

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Living Room Livestream May 23rd 2020

Saturday 23rd May @ Facebook
18:00 Finnish time – 17:00 CET – 16:00 GMT

Special gig coming live from our living room to yours!

We have prepared quite a treat for you! Unfortunately all of us cannot be in one place at the same time, but the whole band will take part in some way or another…

Update: The show was free to watch live on Facebook, but for the buyers of a voluntary ticket we sent a HD recording of the whole show including a new song from our upcoming album as a bonus encore.

The stream is still viewable for some time at Facebook

Special gig live from our living room to yours!We have prepared quite a treat for you! Sadly all of us cannot be in…

Julkaissut Greenrose Faire Sunnuntaina 17. toukokuuta 2020

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Brother Carry On

So we are currently all scooped indoors because of you-know-what. What is to band to do? Apparently this:

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Welcome Meiju and Mikko

photo: Raisa Taurinka

Here is the 2020 lineup for Greenrose Faire! The new faces in the band are Meiju Enho taking over the keyboards and Mikko Gynther on the bass.

Meiju already filled in at some shows last summer, and after that we could imagine no one else on the keyboards. Meiju can also be spotted as the frontwoman of Mamyth.

Mikko, who takes on the bass maestro’s role, completes the ensemble with his specially tuned bass and sense of humor. Mikko has been following the band from the audience for years and now gets to bring his own spice into the mix.

Read more about the new (and why not also the old) members here

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Happy new year!

The year and the decade is drawing near, and we’d like to thank everyone for the good times! Here’s a little video with some backstage moments, accompanied by our this year’s intro tape. Happy new year and catch you again soon!

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Full 10th Anniversary Concert video

Two years ago we celebrated the band’s first 10 years at Hällä stage in Tampere.

Here’s the full uncut version of the concert to mark the date. If you’d prefer the DVD version for your archives (or as a gift), we still have some available at our Shoppe

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Summer 2019

Our itinerary for next summer’s is complete, and here are the dates:

Fri 3.5.2019 Culture House Laikku, Tampere
Sat-Sun 8.-9.6.2019 Knights tournament at Laukko manor (w/Rohan tallit)
Fri 5.7.2019 Traktorijatzit, Suovanlahti (w/Miljoonasade, Hauli Bros)
Sat 6.7.2019 Gaelic Storm Festival , Seinäjoki (w/The Rogues, Ants in the Pants)
Sun 7.7.2019 Aitoon kirkastusjuhlat, Aitoo (w/Ville Valo & Agents, Apulanta, Anssi Kela)
Sat-Sun 20.-21.07.2019 Fantasy Forest Festival, UK (w/Dolmen, Harmony Glen, Inkubus Sukkubus, Perkelt)
Sat-Sun 27.-28.07.2019 Medieval Folk Fest, Tampere
Fri-Sun 16.-18.08.2019 Häme Medieval Festival, Hämeenlinna (w/Corvus Corax, Teufelstanz, Räikkä)

See you there! Full details on our Live dates page.

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Live DVD released

Exactly a year ago today, we were getting ready to step on the stage at our 10th Anniversary Concert on the Hällä Stage, so now it seems a perfect time to release the DVD of that concert. This is the entire concert from the intro to encore, with play time of 110 minutes.

The DVD can now be found from our Shoppe.

Here’s a taster:

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Riders in the Night out on June 1st

Here is a small documentary of the making of the new album that will be out this Friday:

The preorder of the album is open at the Shoppe, get yours with free shipping until the end of the week!

More info on the album here

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