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Elf Fantasy Fair, 19-20 September 2015, Arcen, Netherlands

The largest fantasy costume event in Europe with huge firebird shows, cowboys & zombies, spiritual celebrations, a lot of music, Game of Thrones and … surprises from 65 million years ago.

And we’re there! Whoa! Obviously as part of the music category, in case you were wondering.

Kingdom of Elfia

We play on the Elfia main stage on Saturday at 12:30 and 16:00, and on Sunday at 13:00 and 14:00. We’re pretty excited to catch the performances of e.g. Rapalje and Harmony Glen on the same stage.

As usual, we will loiter on the festival grounds the whole day around and about our own CD stand, playing music and chatting away.

See you there! Welkom!

Update: It was just awesome!

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Music video for Too Hot To Stop

During last months festivities at the Tampere Stable Yards we were reminded how cool spot their cellar is (both in figurative and literal sense). So we just had to go back and shoot a little music video there:

Today is the summer’s last concert in Tampere at Laikunlava together with Misty Clan. After that it’s just the faires at Hämeenlinna and Taalintehdas and after that the summer is almost done. See you on the road!

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Ulvila Hanseatic Market 2015

Photo: Pauli Borodulin

The weekend at Ulvila Hanseatic is now over and we are back home enriched with memories from a couple of more gigs of our own as well as wonderful performances from troupes coming from Belgium, Latvia and Italy. Made some new friends and hoping to return one day. Thanks!

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Medieval Folk Fest in Tampere 25th to 26th July 2015

We have the joy and honour to arrange for the fourth time already a musical market festivity Medieval Folk Fest at the Tampere Stable Yards. We have met so many a great band of musicians on our travels that we could not fit them all on one day any more, so this year the Fest goes on for the whole weekend.


Some of the performers are already known from previous years such as Räikkä, Härkätien leikarit and Muskotti, as well as the dancers of Saltatores Tavastenses, and even the Aeldwine’s bearder boys look quite familiar. New acquitances include Misty Clan, O’Rives, as well as the magical show of the Mystic Alexander XIII and the Conjurer Samu Kuusisto.

The festivities all happen among a small medieval market complete with cloth, leather, metal and incense sellers, not to forget Stable Yard’s own shops and temptations.

Free entry. You are most Welcome!

The event in Facebook.

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Pärnu Hanseatic Days 2015

Next up in the calendar are the Pärnu Hanseatic Days in Estonia on 26th to 28th June. It is really exciting to see how faires are celebrated there across the seas. (We will also find out if our trusty touring wagon floats or not.)

The hanseatic days hold a medieval market as well as dancing, tournament, theater, fire show, and foreign musicians from at least Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Russia and Belarus. Truly a market to gather people from far and wide then!

Greenrose Faire plays on Saturday at 14 o’clock and 19 o’clock, and on Sunday at 13 o’clock on the Medieval Stage. We will also raise our own tent somewhere and jam a bit, so go ahead and look us up if you are around! See you there!


Pärnu Hanseatic Days 2015, photo: Pauli Borodulin

Pärnu Hanseatic Days 2015, photo: Pauli Borodulin

Big thanks to the people of Pärnu and the market organisers! The fair at the summer capital of Estonia was wonderful, topped with fine weather and lots marketgoers. The rumour has it we’ll come again next year?

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Release party at O’Hara’s on Sat 30th May


Our third album “Feed the Flames” will be out on Friday 29th May and it will be celebrated with appropriate ceremonies at O’Hara’s Freehouse in Tampere on Staurday May 30th.

The evening begins with a listen-through of the album starting around 9 o’clock with good company and some snacks. The gig proper begins at exactly half past eleven.

Free entrance. Welcome!

Here’s one piece from the album to whet your appetite:

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Win a signed CD at CeltCast’s competition

Feed the Flames will be out in less than two weeks from now! The kind folks at CeltCast web radio will be reviewing the album, track by track, and they are also hosting a competition on their Facebook page where they will give away some signed Feed the Flames CDs as well as T-shirts. So head over there without delay!

CeltCast is an online community and radio station playing Celtic, Viking and Folk music all day long without ads, and we dig them very much!

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Welcome Jari

This spring we are joined by Jari Tiittanen on the bass. He has already accumulated a fair amount of miles on a touring wagon in his previous projects, so he probably know what he’s getting into here… Congratulations are in order anyway!

For this summer’s campaign there have been some other changes of seats. The original member Jupe steps aside with honours, leaving Niilo to take charge of mandolin-related work. The new album already features some songs with this brand-new line-up.

Welcome to the shows to see for yourself!

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Feed the Flames will be out on 29th May 2015

Feed the Flames banner

Our third full-length album “Feed the Flames” will be released on May 29th. The release party will be on the next day the 30th at O’Hara’s Freehouse, Tampere.

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Celtic night at Yo-talo, Tampere on 9th January 2015

Yo-talo 9.1.2015

Next year starts with stomp on Friday the 9th at Yo-talo, Tampere. We play a show with the merry kilted men of Isara, and it is always a blast!

So just be sure to be there!

Please note that showtime has been postponed to 23 o’clock. Advance tickets from Yo-talo‘s pages.

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