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Medieval fair at Hämeenlinna

The high point of this already splendid summer will be a double gig at the Häme Medieval Fair at Hämeenlinna.

The market starts on Friday evening (Aug 20th) with a feast in the great tent around 8 o’clock. There will be medieval snacks and programme of some kind, including Greenrose Faire playing at 10 pm. Entrance 10€ (children 5€).

Saturday the 21st is the first proper market day, which will culminate with Greenrose Faire playing on the main stage at 5 pm.

See you in the middle ages!

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Tampere Floral Festival 29.7.2010

Greenrose Faire will perform in the Tampere Central Square during the Tampere Floral Festival. Showtime at 16.45.

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Medieval Folk Fest 2010

A new annual event, Medieval Folk Fest, starts this year at the Tampere Stable Yards on the 3th of July. Four local ensembles will be performing music ranging from acoustic folk, traditional irish music to medieval-influenced pop.

Medieval Folk Fest is started by Louna, a talented singer/songwriter. The festival is continued by the energetic Jhary’s Trio, performing celtic and irish music wearing kilts, of course. Greenrose Faire concludes the event with their jaunty “medieval pop”.

In addition to music, the usual Stable Yard attractions are open, including horse rides, an old-fashioned carousel, shops and cafes.

Medieval Folk Festival at Tampere Stable Yards (Kuninkaankatu 4) on 3rd July from 12.00 to 16.00. Artists start on the hour. Free admission.

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Kelotupa 26.2.

The Kanta-Häme tour of 2010 starts from Pub Kelotupa at Kangasala. A reprint of our CD will also be released, containing two new songs.

Showtime at 22:00 and entrance is free. Bus 70 comes from Tampere and stops almost on the doorstep (the stop is called Vatiala). Return busses at 00.01, 01.40 and 02.45.

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Booking agency

Band Age OyToday we announce that Greenrose Faire has made a deal with the booking agency Band Age Oy. Their Minna Rinne will be selling our gigs from now on, the details can be found from the “Contact” section.

In another news, our piper and backing vocalist Elina has gone and relocated herself into the far north of Finland. The band thanks for everything and wishes Elina all the best.

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Welcome Nona

The search for a violinist has been long and fierce, and as the winner emerged one Nona. Welcome to the company!

There will be two more shows in Tampere this summer, in O’Hara’s Freehouse on September 4th and Pub Kujakolli on September 12th. The latter will also mark Nona’s first appearance on stage with us.

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Site launched

Greenrose Faire a medieval influenced rock/pop/folk band from Tampere, Finland.

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