Medieval Folk Fest II

update: Medieval Folk Fest III will be held in Summer 2014. We’re still searching for the final few performers.

Tampere Stable Yards, Sat 9.7.2011


The second annual Medieval Folk Fest was held in July at Tampere Stable Yards. The free event ran successfully with up-beat music and all the usual attractions of the Stable Yards, and hardly any rain at all.


12 Härkätien leikarit
13 Lemuria
14 Jhary’s
15 Greenrose Faire


Greenrose Faire plays jaunty medieval/renaissance/celtic influenced pop rock that takes the listeners on a journey from old forests to rowdy taverns via the old village road. The band was founded in 2008 in Tampere, Finland, and their first full-length album will be released this September.

Jhary’s trio is an ensemble of three talented gentlemen playing celtic music. The singer and guitarist Jari Sirniö has picked up celtic influences on his travels to Ireland and Scotland. The violin and mandolin are handled by Jukka Vesalainen, an established folk musician whose fingers – or kilt – rarely tremble.
Rich Raja-aho, kidnapped to Finnish folk circles from Newcastle, taps and raps his bodhran drum, but also sings and plays the tin whistle.

Lemuria is a folk rock band from Tampere, founded in 2001. Lemuria is grounds its music in the folk rock tradition, but is not afraid to draw influences from Finnish traditional and “iskelmä” music, disco, soul, and classical music.

Lemuria has just finished recording an album with 11 songs.

Härkätien leikarit plays medieval market music from all round the Europe, taking you on a musical journey from the Ox Road to Flanders, France and Italy. Härkätien Leikarit has preformed widely in private occasions as well as the medieval faires in Turku, Hämeenlinna, Hollola and Tallinn.

Also joining the festivities:



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