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Greenrose Faire plays catchy folk rock with influences from medieval and Celtic music.

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Feed the Flames (2015)

(2015, GRFCD-006) Greenrose Faire’s third album “Feed the Flames” was released on May 29th. The album presents ten new songs, mainly penned by Tomi, that continue further on the road paved by the previous albums. The band’s new violinist Hanna Heinonen ranges from Scandinavic folk fiddling to shredding solos, and Niilo Sirola now taking bigger …

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My Home Is Where My Heart Is (2013)

(2013, SCR037) Greenrose Faire’s second full-length album, “My Home Is Where My Heart Is” takes you on for an adventure which you can not help but like! Album’s 11 songs form a harmonious whole, which prompts everyone’s inner knight on a search for his princess, or the other way around. The legendary producer Stuart Epps …

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Neverending Journey (2011)

(2011, GRFCD-004) Greenrose Faire’s first full-length album, Neverending Journey, finished its long trip from concept to maturity in 2011. In a sense, the process began in cold November of 2007 at the band’s very first demo session. A single tambourine track survives from these sessions to the finished record. The record was produced mostly with …

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Beggars and Thieves EP (2010)

(2010, GRFCD-003) The first single was sold out, and we decided to include two more songs for the reprint. Then of course it was not a reprint anymore but a new EP length records, so the name had to change as well. This is the first record to feature Nona, our violinist. The track list …

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Promo I (2009)

(2009, GRFCD-001) The first three-tune promotional CD was released in January 2009. It contains the following songs: Greenrose’s Faire (2’49) Silent Sound (2’39) Raindrops (4’22) Recording&mixing: Niilo Sirola Artwork: Veli Nyström The single is still available in digital form for example in these stores: iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD Baby.

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