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Warm thanks for the exceptional night at Hällä stage! The 10th anniversary celebration certainly is a night to remember. Here’s some moving pictures from that evening:

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10th Anniversary Concert

Our festival year, or one could even say the festival decade, culminates in a concert hall on Saturday 18th November at the atmospheric Hällä theater in the very center of Tampere.

Playing in a theater setting opens some new possibilities for us to play a more varied selection of songs than we would on a rowdy pub or outdoor stage, so we will dive into the best pieces, and there are certainly very specially special guests as well.

The doors open at 19:00, showtime is at 20:00. Duration about 2 hours, including an interval.

Tickets are sold through Lippupiste, or

You’re warmly welcome to spend a night to remember with us!

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Medieval Folk Fest 2017 broke records

Sorrowhearts at Medieval Folk Fest 2017

Medieval Folk Fest was celebrated at the Tampere Stable Yard in an exceptionally beautiful weather for this summer, and with an estimated 4500 visitors broke all the past years’ records.

Big thanks to all the great performers! Sorrowhearts and O’Rives, old friends from previous years were in good shape also this time around, as did Rachel Rodwell and Richie Raja-Aho who very rarely perform together. Great thanks also to the new acquaintances, wonderful Mamyth for whom this was their first ever show in Tampere, as well as Mauve Claret for whom this was their first show ever, period. In addition, we would like to thank the participating artisans and merchants, of whom there was also a record number, the staff of Tallipiha, and most of all the visitors!

Greenrose Faire had the pleasure of hosting the festivities, as well as celebrating their brand new 10th anniversary compilation album “Decade of Songs and Stories“.

Keep an eye open for next year’s festival, for they be a-coming!

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Cold Winds Are Rising

Today we’ve released a new song from the upcoming album, Cold Winds Are Rising. You can get it from all the usual music lairs in the internet, for example via Spotify here:

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Decade of Songs and Stories

Friendly Folk Records proudly presents Greenrose Faire, Decade of Songs and Stories. Worldwide Digital Distribution of the new single, Cold Winds Are Rising, will be released on 21/July/2017 and will be available for download on all digital platforms. The Official CD release party will take place at Medieval Folk Fest VI, in Tampere, Finland on 28/July/2017.

Decade of Songs and Stories, is an album to commemorate Greenrose Faire anniversary. What better way to celebrate ten years of success than to release a best of best compilation album, featuring the artist’s favorite tracks from their previous albums: Neverending Journey, My Home Is Where My Heart Is, and Feed The Flames. Also featured is one new teaser song Cold Winds Are Rising, which is a glimpse of future album that is set to be released in 2018.

Phone: +31 (0) 6 30094688
Label: Friendly Folk Records

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10th Anniversary Tour

The schedule of our grand 10th anniversary celebratory tour is now mostly complete, couple of dates still pending. See you on the road!

Find the details in the gig calendar.

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We are Friendly Folk

We have signed some formal parchments with Friendly Folk Records! Our common journey starts rolling in the coming summer with the release of a new single as well as the 10th anniversary collection album.

More information about the releases and the summer tour is coming soon!

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Management news

We are proud and excited to announce our affairs outside Finland will from here on handled by our new manager Kathy Keller from My Music Matters – Management Triad, based in The Netherlands. We will be joining an international family of bands such as Heylel from Portugal, Perkelt from UK, The Royal Spuds from The Netherlands.

Sure looks like there will be some interesting times ahead now…

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Greenrose Faire was founded in fall 2007, so we hereby declare the year of 2017 to be our 10th anniversary year.

There are some exciting new things coming up this year, as well as a good excuse to dig through the archives for some previously unseen and unheard gems. Of course there will be a 10th anniversary concert in November.

Here’s the first piece of history, the very first take from the very first Greenrose Faire demo recording session, “let’s try this…”:

Follow as the situation unfolds either on this page, or check out our Facebook page that fittingly just broke 10000 likes. Are you already one of them?

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Going North


Cold winds are blowing already, and it’s getting cooler still when in a couple of weeks we head North to Rovaniemi. The Friday Nov 18th show at Muurola primary school will be both our northernmost and earliest (9:15! AM!) gig ever. The day continues at the junior high school of the Arctic Circle, and the evening program included at least in Narrow Neck’s gig in Hemingway’s.

On Saturday, the festivities at Hemingway’s continue first with an acoustic Irish session starting around six o’clock (hup!). When the clock strikes ten, it’s are our turn to take the place over and loose some broadsides of magical and engaging folk rock.

Saturday 19.11.
Hemingway’s Rovaniemi (Koskikatu 11)
Irish Session from 18:00
Showtime 22:00

Free admission, welcome!

Update 20.11. Huge thanks to the people at Muurola and Arctic Circle schools, the magnificent audience and a the staff Hemingway, our generous host Narrow Neck, and of course Santa Claus. After Friday’s show, incidentally, we calculated that it was the band’s 9th birthday. The weekend was unforgettable, and we certainly hope to return again!

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