We are Friendly Folk

We have signed some formal parchments with Friendly Folk Records! Our common journey starts rolling in the coming summer with the release of a new single as well as the 10th anniversary collection album.

More information about the releases and the summer tour is coming soon!

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Management news

We are proud and excited to announce our affairs outside Finland will from here on handled by our new manager Kathy Keller from My Music Matters – Management Triad, based in The Netherlands. We will be joining an international family of bands such as Heylel from Portugal, Perkelt from UK, The Royal Spuds from The Netherlands.

Sure looks like there will be some interesting times ahead now…

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Greenrose Faire was founded in fall 2007, so we hereby declare the year of 2017 to be our 10th anniversary year.

There are some exciting new things coming up this year, as well as a good excuse to dig through the archives for some previously unseen and unheard gems. Of course there will be a 10th anniversary concert in November.

Here’s the first piece of history, the very first take from the very first Greenrose Faire demo recording session, “let’s try this…”:

Follow as the situation unfolds either on this page, or check out our Facebook page facebook.com/greenrosefaire that fittingly just broke 10000 likes. Are you already one of them?

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Going North


Cold winds are blowing already, and it’s getting cooler still when in a couple of weeks we head North to Rovaniemi. The Friday Nov 18th show at Muurola primary school will be both our northernmost and earliest (9:15! AM!) gig ever. The day continues at the junior high school of the Arctic Circle, and the evening program included at least in Narrow Neck’s gig in Hemingway’s.

On Saturday, the festivities at Hemingway’s continue first with an acoustic Irish session starting around six o’clock (hup!). When the clock strikes ten, it’s are our turn to take the place over and loose some broadsides of magical and engaging folk rock.

Saturday 19.11.
Hemingway’s Rovaniemi (Koskikatu 11)
Irish Session from 18:00
Showtime 22:00

Free admission, welcome!

Update 20.11. Huge thanks to the people at Muurola and Arctic Circle schools, the magnificent audience and a the staff Hemingway, our generous host Narrow Neck, and of course Santa Claus. After Friday’s show, incidentally, we calculated that it was the band’s 9th birthday. The weekend was unforgettable, and we certainly hope to return again!

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Live video from Hämeenlinna

Another amazing summer is over! Here’s a clip from summer’s last outdoor gig at Hämeenlinna, the atmosphere in the evening festivities was through the roof again, thanks everyone!

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The fifth Medieval Folk Fest is over

We threw now for the fifth time a small festival called Medieval Folk Fest at the cozy Tampere Stable Yards. Despite the weather, over 2000 visitors dropped by during the weekend. This year’s visiting performers were Sorrowhearts, Lemuria, O’Rives, Kangasalan balladipelimannit and trubadour N. Cirola.

Welcome again next year on 29th and 30th July 2017!


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Summer of 2016

Welcome summer! The old gig wagon’s wheels will be grinding again, and you can catch us for example at these occastions:

Fri 10.06. Kymijoen Lohisoitto, Kotka. Showtime already at 11:30

>Sat 11.06. Kuninkaan pidot at Imatra

Wed 27.07. Tampere Central Square at Tampere Floral Festival at 18:00

Sat 30.07. – su 31.07. Medieval Folk Fest at Tampere Stable Yards

la 06.08. – su 07.08. Ulvila Hanseatic Market

Fri 19.08. – Sun 21.08. Häme Medieval Fair at Häme Castle gardens in Hämeenlinna.

See you there!


Ps. In November we will travel as North as our map will allow, visiting the Narrow Neck band at theri Irish winter hulabaloo. More on that later…

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Elfia Haarzuilens 2016

This weekend you can find us once again in The Netherlands at the Elfia fantasy fair held around Haarzuilens Castle,

We play on the main stage on Saturday at 16:45 ja Sunday at 15:15. Also look us up after the show at our CD booth. Welcome!

Update (wow!):

Kingdom of Elfia

The web radio CeltCast will be recording the performances and will broadcast them in the near future. They have also published a travel journal of our last September’s forays in Elfia’s last installment:

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Feed the Flames – the video

We kid you not, here is the brand new video for Feed the Flames!

This is actually our third attempt at a video for this song, and looks like third time really is the charm. We filmed this mostly by firelight in the woods near Salla’s childhood home (and enjoyed great catering between takes). It snowed lightly for most of the weekend, but still the full moon also made an appearance. And here it is.. Feed those flames!

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The April affray

There is stuff coming up in April!

Feed the Flames video shoot
First of all, we’ll put out a new music video. We filmed it the other weekend by firelight and it’s just a tad of finishing until it’s ready.

On Saturday April 16th we play once again in O’Hara’s Freehouse, Tampere. The ceiling might be low but the spirits are high and the house is sure to be packed. By that time they should also have our own ale Witchdance in tap (more on that later on). Showtime is 11pm sharp. Welcome!

The weekend after that we are tasked to fit ourselves and our goods and gear in a mysterious flying metal tube in order to make our way to The Netherlands to the Elf Fantasy Fair (Elfia). We just came back from there in September so it’s nice to be back so soon.

Elfia Haarzuilens 2016
For the summer there are again various markets and festivals around Finland both in new and familiar good old places, keep an eye on the calendar for those. Have a nice spring and craic-y St.Patricks!

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