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Riders in the Night CD (2018)


Greenrose Faire - Riders in the Night

Greenrose Faire’s fourth studio album “Riders in the Night” was released by Friendly Folk Records on 1st of June 2018.

11 songs / 49:28. Digipak, includes a 12-page lyrics.

Decade of Songs and Stories CD (2017)


“Decade of Songs and Stories” is a compilation album celebrating Greenrose Faire’s tenth anniversary, and brings together all the band’s own favourites from the previous albums. The album opens with a brand new song Cold Winds Are Rising, which gives a taste from the upcoming fourth album. Included also is a new live version of Beggars and Thieves, a song that has been heard on practically every live performance so far. Released by Friendly Folk Records.

Digipak, includes a 24-page lyrics / photo booklet.

More info can be found here.

Feed The Flames CD (2015)



Greenrose Faire’s third album “Feed The Flames” lights the fire and keeps it going all the way from the exploding starter “Too Hot To Stop” through the journey over the mountains, oceans and forests (not forgetting the stop at the tavern along the way) to the small clearing with “the biggest fire this world has ever seen”. Upbeat and immersive folk rock, with one foot in the modern world and another in the magical past.

Digipak, includes a 12 page lyrics booklet.

More info can be found here.

My Home Is Where My Heart Is CD (2013)


Greenrose Faire’s second full-length album, “My Home Is Where My Heart Is” takes you on for an adventure which you can not help but like! Album’s 11 songs form a harmonious whole, which prompts everyone’s inner knight on a search for his princess, or the other way around. The legendary producer Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Robbie Williams) sat behind the mixing console for the first two tracks, which will launch a journey across the stormy mountains, flowing rivers and green valleys.

Digipak, includes a 12 page lyrics booklet.

Liner notes can be found here.

Neverending Journey CD (2011)


The self-produced full-length debut album, released on 21.9.2011.

Digipak, includes an 8 page lyrics booklet.

Play length 47min 14s.

Sound clips and more information on the album here.

Beggars & Thieves CD EP (2010)


An extended version of the first single. Contains five songs, four of which ended up reworked on “Neverending Journey”.

  1. 1. Beggars & Thieves(4’01)
  2. 2. Flower on the Grave (3’25)
  3. 3. Greenrose’s Faire (2’49)
  4. 4. Silent Sound (2’39)
  5. 5. Raindrops (4’22)

Liner notes can be found here.

10th Anniversary Concert – Live DVD


The full uncut 10th Anniversary Concert live show from 18th Nov 2017.

“Outdoors was dark and cold, but inside the venue the mood was warm and cozy. It’s a good thing that we packed the cameras with us and captured the whole show, because now you have the chance to experience that magical evening through this DVD. We chose the best songs from our first albums, and slipped in also a few from the new ‘Riders in the Night’.. Additionally, we have the pleasure and the honor of having a couple of guest stars join us on stage to make our evening perfect.”

Runtime 1h 50min. Stereo sound, anamorphic 16:9 PAL video. Region-free.

Sheet music book: Decade of Songs and Stories)


Sheet music book with all 16 songs from “Decade of Songs and Stories” – melody, lyrics, chords and full instrumental solos. Soft cover, 44 pages. Edited by Niilo Sirola.

ISMN: 979-0-55001-426-8

Bronze pendant


Handmade cast pendant to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Diameter 32mm.

Fanzine: Moondance 1/2016


Old-school black&white fanzine, contains e.g. a 6-page exlusive band interview and 2015 gig diary. In English, 24 pages.

Wrist band

sold out

Verbündet IV Mittelalter Compilation CD (2016)



We are included in the fourth installment of the Verbündet (Alliance) compilation. The disc includes medieval, folk and folkrock acts from Germany and across the Europe, not to forget your humble Finnish representatives.

Track list:
01. DER LETZTE RITTER (Rapkalibur feat. Gaby Koss)
02. DAS FEERÄUBERLIED (Schattenweber)
03. DORFFEST (Spielmann Michel & Kumpanei)
04. DER WIRT (Eulental)
05. BUNTIKRAMER (Fatzwerk)
07. JAHRESREIGEN (Tanzebôm)
08. MAITRE DE MAISON (Gisamani)
09. PETRUSLIED (Schellmerÿ)
10. DIE EINE (MinnePack)
11. DIE RABENBALLADE (Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute)
13. RAUE NACHT (Madina das Spielweyb)
14. DER BLINDE KÖNIG (Rapkalibur feat. Garuuun, Nadine Heil & Madina das Spielweyb)
15. SEPTEMBER (Elea.Sin)
16. WILLOW TREES (The Midnight)
17. THE MARKET (Attila & Friends)
19. AR EM AL (Kel Amrûn)
20. HEILRUNA (Eliwagar)
21. A KINGDOM´S TALE (Mythemia)

The publisher’s page: Rapkalibur

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