Market greetings

What a weekend at Häme Medieval Fair! Four great gigs, thanks to the incredible audiences! Thanks also to the other musicians, the lovely saleswomen at our booth (and let’s not forget Räikkä’s human pyramid either), to the sound and light wizards, and especially to the organizers for once again delivering this grand faire!

Photo: Pauli Borodulin

Photo: Pauli Borodulin

For all the wonderful atmosphere, there was also bit of sadness in the air as Sunday was Anni’s final show with us (for the time being at least). We would like here to thank Ann for these amazing gigs and an incredible year and a half past! Fare thee well in the future!

Also some other well-kept secrets may have slipped during the market, but let’s discuss those in detail these coming weeks.

Our next destinateion is the isle of Kemiö where a medieval market is held on Saturday 13th September, where we will play two shows with our new mystery member. If you find yourself nearby, the be welcome to Keskiaikaiset saaristolaismarkkinat!

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