Beggars and Thieves EP


(2010, GRFCD-003)

Once the first single was sold out we decided to include two more songs for the reprint. Then of course it was not a reprint anymore but a new EP length records, so the name had to change as well. This is the first record to feature Nona, our violinist.

The track list is:

  1. Beggars & Thieves(4’01)
  2. Flower on the Grave (3’25)
  3. Greenrose’s Faire (2’49)
  4. Silent Sound (2’39)
  5. Raindrops (4’22)

lead vocals: Merituulia Pöysti
violin: Nona Onnela
backing vocals and tin whistle: Elina Alatörmänen
octave mandola: Jupe Hirsimäki
keyboards: Petri Hannuksela
bass: Niilo Sirola
drums: Tomi Hyttinen

recording&mixing: Niilo Sirola
cover artwork: Veli Nyström

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