Following the Wind

Friendly Folk Records

(2021, FFR21036, Friendly Folk Records) Extraordinary times produce extraordinary music. Honest and handcrafted, yet epic and grandiose, Greenrose Faire’s new album “Following the Wind” reaches for the hearts and souls of those longing for some meaningful music with real instruments and catchy melodies. The fifth studio album of the Finnish sextet ranges from rousing and uplifting folk rock stompers to wistful power ballads, led by the beautiful vocals of Salla Rimmi. The 11 original songs expand the band’s unique folk rock sound, crossing without restraint into Nordic folk and sea shanty territories, flirting with Celtic folk, and unapologetically borrowing from bluegrass and classic heavy rock alike.

Released on Friday 4.6.2021

Genre: Folk Rock

Lead vocals: Salla Rimmi
Violin: Hanna Heinonen
Irish Bouzouki & Backing vocals: Niilo Sirola
Keyboards & Backing vocals: Meiju Enho
Bass & Backing vocals: Mikko Gynther
Drums & Backing vocals: Tomi Hyttinen

featuring Rich Raja-Aho: Bodhran on “Find a Way Home”

Mixed & mastered by: Niilo Sirola (New Village Studio)

(c) Greenrose Faire 2021

(p) Friendly Folk Records 2021

Song list:

  1. The Fire Within
  2. Dancing in the Rain
  3. Following the Wind
  4. Back to You
  5. The Tale of Scalliwag Joe
  6. Find a Way Home
  7. Grateful for the Ride
  8. Henry Hard-Luck
  9. I Don’t Want to Leave
  10. Invincible
  11. The Eleventh Hour
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