Riders in the Night

Friendly Folk Records

(2018, FFR18006) Greenrose Faire’s fourth studio album “Riders in the Night” was released worldwide on 1st June 2018 via Friendly Folk Records. The band’s unique style and sound crosses over genre borders with an appeal to music lovers of all ages. The album starts with the slightly ominous Shadows in the Night, leading on a voyage of upbeat ditties, larger-than-life melodic ballads, and strumming by campfire. Eventually we arrive at the mercilessly galloping title track of the album, and end up having just one more at the tavern, trying to push back the inevitably approaching morning. vocals: Salla Rimmi violin: Hanna Heinonen bouzouki: Niilo Sirola keyboards: Petri Hannuksela bass: Mikko Kaipainen drums: Tomi Hyttinen Lending some extra epicness to the album is Professor Roland “Uncle Roly” Rotherham, reading the introduction to one of the more legendary pieces, Eagles Fly Free. The album was released on 1.6.2018 and can be ordered e.g. from the band’s own Shoppe. Greenrose Faire – Riders in the Night

  1. Shadows in the Night
  2. Never Walk Alone
  3. By the Grace of God
  4. Campfires
  5. Cold Winds Are Rising
  6. Fire in Your Eyes
  7. Perfect Day in May
  8. Brother Carry On
  9. Eagles Fly Free
  10. Riders in the Night
  11. Silent Sound

Produced by: Niilo Sirola ja Tomi Hyttinen Recoded by: Niilo Sirola ja Jari Latomaa (Headline Studios) Mixed by: Niilo Sirola ja Aki Sihvonen (Finnvox Studios) Mastered by: Henkka Niemistö (Chartmakers) Cover artwork by: Veli “Vablo” Nyström (velinystrom.com) Released by Friendly Folk Records, distributed by Dutch Music Works

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