Meet the band

Salla Rimmi – Vocals

Photo: Kees Stravers

Come close and stare into the flames and everything will be right

The band’s bright-voiced front-woman. As a music professional and a singing coach, Salla has experience in lead vocals, harmonies, vocal ensembles, country, rock, pop… You name it, she can sing it. She has been the voice of the band on all four of their albums and has lately contributed more and more to the lyrics and composition process. She brings the stories to life with her voice as she graces the stage in her eloquent costumes that seem to dance along with her moves.

Random facts:

  • Salla once traveled to a gig with a boom lift
  • She owns a collection of porcelain cats
  • She once stayed at the YMCA

Hanna Heinonen – violin

photo: Kees Stravers

Life is so strange and full of miracles, you never know what tomorrow will hold

A virtuoso violinist, with a background both in classical violin and band activities from folk to rock. In addition to playing the violin, Hanna also works as a music therapist. Hanna took over the violin duties on Greenrose Faire’s third album, but all the band members had made her acquaintance prior to her joing the band. At the shows you will definitely immerse yourself into her hypnotic playing and wild solos.

Random facts:

  • Hanna is a third generation musician in her talented family
  • She had a hairless Sphynx cat as a pet

Niilo Sirola – bouzouki

photo: Kees Stravers

Raise a pint or maybe two and sing along with me

Multi-instrumentalist, behind-the-scenes handyman and co-founder of the band. He is master of different playing styles, from hard rock to Irish tunes, and despite his background as a bass player, he plays at least a dozen different instruments on the albums. The instrument of choice for live performances is his Irish bouzouki, which can take care of the backing, melodies and harmonies. In addition to contributing to songwriting, Niilo records and mixes, building up the band’s recorded sound in the coziness of his home studio.

Random facts:

  • Niilo played his first gig at the age of four with a triangle
  • He holds a PhD in Mathematics

Meiju Enho – keyboards

photo: Pauli Borodulin

We’ll build the biggest fire this world has ever known, tonight we’re leaving no one to face the night alone

The mistress of the white and black keys. This new member of the outfit has a musical background from traditional folk to viking metal. Meiju sprinkles magical soundscapes and rapid arpeggios from her keyboard. She has also been spotted on stage with a kantele, and time will tell if this traditional Finnish instrument will also make an appearance in the Greenrose Faire repertoire.

Random facts:

  • Meiju is a huge fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Phantom of the Opera
  • She started her career at age 5 playing a Christmas hymn on piano, playing completely by ear!
  • She is keen on Estonian and Georgian mineral waters and Siberian throat singing

Mikko Gynther – bass

Raise your hands up in the sky and remember you’re alive

A meticulous bass guitarist and chronologically the newest member of the band. Mikko has played many flavors of rock over the years, mainly on a bass guitar, but is no stranger to guitar, keyboards and even the electric violin. He is bursting with arrangement ideas, and conjures a solid foundation for the songs with his specially tuned bass.

Random facts:

  • Mikko has seen more Greenrose Faire shows than the other members combined
  • He is almost related to Tomi
  • He first met Meiju at the Greenrose Faire’s 10th anniversary concert, where they were coincidentally seated side by side in the audience

Tomi Hyttinen – drums

photo: Pauli Borodulin

Stars and the pale moonlight keep us safe through the night

The founder and the soul of Greenrose Faire. His background in music goes all the way back to eyeliner bands, until he heard a calling in his blood for folk rock music. Tomi is the maestro behind the music with the main song writing responsibilities and he keeps creating “the best song of all time” from thin air over and over again. In his live playing you can hear thunder in the distance and rain drops falling from the sky, and then suddenly you are in the middle of a brisk polka beat.

You didn’t know this:

  • Has seen Iron Maiden live about a million times.
  • Owns a snake whose escape once made national news.

Pauli Borodulin – live sound and photography

photo: J. Kamenko

There’s nothing ahead that we cannot get by ‘cos we together are strong

A tireless soundman and photographer. Pauli has traveled with the caravan longer than many of the band members, and has ran the live sound for almost all Greenrose Faire shows. Most of the band’s photos and music videos are also shot by him. It is easy to trust the band’s live sound to the hands of this paramount of calm effectiveness. Pauli can justly be counted as a seventh member of the band.

Random facts:

  • Pauli built his summer cottage with his own hands
  • He has taken a road trip through the US from coast to coast
  • He couch-surfs and accommodates couch-surfers
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