Happy new year!

The year and the decade is drawing near, and we’d like to thank everyone for the good times! Here’s a little video with some backstage moments, accompanied by our this year’s intro tape. Happy new year and catch you again…

Behind the scenes

While we’re busy working with our fifth album, here’s a mini-documentary on the making of the title track of our third album as well as its music video that premiered exactly three years ago. Enjoy!

Thank you!

Warm thanks for the exceptional night at Hällä stage! The 10th anniversary celebration certainly is a night to remember. Here’s some moving pictures from that evening:

Elfia Haarzuilens 2016

This weekend you can find us once again in The Netherlands at the Elfia fantasy fair held around Haarzuilens Castle, We play on the main stage on Saturday at 16:45 ja Sunday at 15:15. Also look us up after the…


This year has been quite an incredible ride and this new video featuring some of the most memorable gigs. Greetings and thanks to both old friends and new acquaintances we made along the way! Take a look also at Wyldwood…

Market greetings

What a weekend at Häme Medieval Fair! Four great gigs, thanks to the incredible audiences! Thanks also to the other musicians, the lovely saleswomen at our booth (and let’s not forget Räikkä’s human pyramid either), to the sound and light…

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