Decade of Songs and Stories (2017)

(2017, GRFCD-007) Decade of Songs and Stories celebrates Greenrose Faire’s tenth anniversary, and brings together all the band’s own favourites from the previous albums (Neverending Journey, My Home Is Where My Heart Is, ja Feed The Flames). The compilation opens with a brand new song Cold Winds Are Rising, which gives a taste from the upcoming fourth album. Included also is a live version of Beggars and Thieves, a song that has been heard on practically every live performance so far.

Includes a 24-page lyrics / photo booklet.

The album is released on 28.7.2017.

Greenrose Faire – Decade of Songs and Stories

  1. Cold Winds Are Rising
  2. The Old Knight
  3. My Home Is Where My Heart Is
  4. Feed the Flames
  5. The Storm
  6. Legend of the Woods
  7. Far Away
  8. Barons of Langtree
  9. Witchdance
  10. Here Waiting
  11. Dance ’til Morning Light
  12. Raindrops
  13. Freedom
  14. Too Hot to Stop
  15. Road Song
  16. Beggars And Thieves (live)

Publisher/distributer: Friendly Folk Records

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