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Neverending Journey CD


GRFCD-004, 2011

Greenrose Faire’s first full-length album, Neverending Journey, finished its long trip from concept to maturity in 2011. In a sense, the process began in cold November of 2007 at the band’s very first demo session. A single tambourine track survives from these sessions to the finished record.

The record was produced mostly with our own hands, and contains the “final” forms of many a song already played forwards and backwards live. There are about fifteen acoustic instruments to be heard on the record (as well as couple of electric ones). Finally, there are about 1436 “HEY!” shouts on this.

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  1. Dance ’til Morning Light
  2. Beggars and Thieves
  3. The Old Knight
  4. Witchdance
  5. Raindrops
  6. Land of Hope and Freedom
  7. Neverending Journey
  8. Flower on the Grave
  9. Everytime
  10. Barons of Langtree
  11. The Promised Land
  12. Legend of the Woods
  13. Greenrose’s Faire

vocals: Salla Rimmi
violin: Nona Onnela
octave mandola: Jupe Hirsimäki
keyboards: Petri Hannuksela
bass: Niilo Sirola
drums and backing vocals: Tomi Hyttinen

recorded by: Jari Latomaa (Deerhouse), Niilo Sirola
mixed by: Jani Viitanen (Headline), Niilo Sirola
cover artwork: Veli Nyström

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